Pretty Zine

im inspired by this (among MANY other people/collectives/things) , a collective called Clinic, they do a blog with a physical fanzine and club nights involving poetry readings/workshops, fanzine workshops, exhibitions and live music. They are mainly all about illustration and poetry, they are all around our age, based in south-east london and they are running a lovely looking squat party this weeekend, but we live and glasgow and its in london:( boo hoo.
anyway, we have decided to start putting together a physical release, a fanzine shall we say, there is no date set as of yet.... christmas would be lovely, but that is a tad unrealistic. It will mainly be articles on design with added ramblings about modern life and music and such and such!

Yours Truly
Pretty Rough xx

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  1. sick brooo.
    thanks for the shout out!
    keep it creamy