A Life in Pictures

A while back, I was racing through the entire back catalogue of my Virgin box - on the rare occasion that I actually choose to waste my time with the nothingness on TV (When I have something of immediate priority to do and procrastination takes hold) - and came across Sky Arts. I decided to stick on it after seeing that a programme on photography was about to begin. It was watching this that spurred my interest in artist, David Hockney. I shan't bore you with the heavy details of his background, as you could find that anywhere. I would just like to share some of his work that I found particularly interesting. He has been creating art since the 50's and begun as a painter, then progressed onto photography and used the medium in new, thought provoking, innovative ways. Check it out, here are some of his paintings from the 50's (the period I find most compelling):

Here are some of his photographic works:

Inspired yet?

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