Castrol oil for women

I decided that it would be extremely difficult to make dirty ice cap melting oil look sexy and appealing to women. So instead, I took a completely different take on it.

"Keep the good times running"

- "Because car maintenance shouldn't get in the way of you living your life".

Oil is essential so I didn’t feel any need to sales pitch or sugar coat the product. Instead I figured if I put the emphasis upon clear and honest messages then that would provoke a better response.

The concept is saying:

“If you use this oil then your car will become more reliable and will work for longer without you having to worry which means you can get on with having fun and doing much more enjoyable Things.”

It also leaves the door open for the viewer to interpret it in other ways. For instance

“Keep the good times running” could be taken as the idea that you can use your car to get to fun places, it’s the car which made it possible, and your cars going no where without oil.

Imagery wise I used photos from peoples old family photo albums, old faded photos of good times. I deliberately chose images from the 60’s and 70’s, tapping straight into the target audience age group.

By giving oil a face with these nostalgic images I believe this would increase warmth and loyalty towards the brand.

At first glance, it may look like it has nothing to do with oil, which is a good thing because that in itself acts as a pull for the target audience, Then when the read the point of sale it should click and then suddenly it has everything to do with oil. ­

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