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I imagine that you are all aware of the recent outrage caused by Frankie Boyle on Mock The Week. If not then click HERE . I was particularly upset by his comments because I spent the first few hours of my morning on Saturday in the opticians where i work with two disabled children. Both girls were lovely and i admired their parents are careers tremendously. I also admired my boss who worked with them so patiently and thoroughly throughout their eye exams. I had the privilege of meeting both girls, fixing their glasses and helping them pick new ones.

I spent a some time this morning searching for the 1985 campaign that is referred to in the BBC article mentioned in my link. I wanted to find out what agency did it and what it looked like but i imagine it would have looked something like this. (with a picture of a child)

I think this campaign and the wording of it are brilliant, how often is it we can combine copywriting and graphic design to actually make a difference. I am so very aware that a large part of graphic design is about making things LOOK GOOD but i hope that one day i can use my skills to actually DO SOME GOOD.

This was just a quick alternative i came up with today, i though the question and answer bit would perhaps be more relevant today. I also thought that it could be a two week Guerilla campaign where the question was on billboards for a week or two then the answer was put up.

For more information on Downs Syndrome click HERE (their websites quite nice actually, i like how what you type in the search bar comes up green).

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